Academic Eligibility

Grades will be checked on Monday mornings at 7:45am.


If a student has a D in one subject the student will be deemed ineligible for the week. The athletic week runs Tuesday through Monday. Example: Student has a D in Math on Monday morning, the period of ineligibility will begin Tuesday morning and run through the following Monday. No competitive events (games) for the entire week. Student will be allowed to practice but not travel or play in home games.


If a student has two D’s or one F (in one class) the student will not be allowed to practice or participate in competitive events (games) or travel for the entire week.


This procedure applies to students in grades 5-8 participating in competitive sports.

Volleyball, Football, Cross Country, Basketball, Ski Team (not rec skiing), Track


Teachers make the final decisions on the grades for their class. Admin or coaches will not research the individual grades. The information should be emailed to Admin and the appropriate coaches by Monday @ 1pm.


Behavior considerations will handled on an individual basis; however, any type of in or out of school suspension makes the student ineligible for the duration of that week (athletic week: See above).